Arno USA introduces SA series of cutting tools |

Arno USA introduces SA series of cutting tools

October 312016
Arno USA introduces SA series of cutting tools

October 31, 2016 – Arno Werkzeuge USA., a manufacturer of cutting tools, positive and negative style inserts, double sided inserts, tool systems and auto lathe holders, announced the introduction of their SA Series of cutting tools and inserts for grooving and part-off or cut-off operations for North America. The SA system is a modular grooving system with a single, tool holder which turns into different tool variants by simply changing the support blade and clamp. Enabling combined operations with one tool, ARNO grooving systems offer chip removal in all three main cutting directions. The SA range also features two or three-edged cutting inserts in various designs, different shapes and types.

The SA range of cutting tools and inserts are designed to specialize in parting-off or cut-off operation in machining, metalworking and plastics applications. The series comes in three systems to accommodate the requirements of various machining operations and customers in aerospace, plastics and medical industries.

The SA series includes a mono block, modular and blade style system. It is a solution for radial grooving as well as parting-off up to 5.512" (140mm) in diameter. The SA monoblock holder is used with a wide range of double-sided inserts including the Arno SA16, SA17, SA24, SA35 und SA40 in .059" (1.5mm), .079" (2mm), .118" (3mm), .157" (4mm), .197" (5mm), .236" (6mm), .315 " (8mm) und .394" (10mm) widths.