ASI 5x20mm PCB Fuse Holders |

ASI 5x20mm PCB Fuse Holders

August 172016
ASI 5x20mm PCB Fuse Holders

Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc makes it easier, safer and less expensive to mount glass fuses on a printed circuit board. Welcome to the wide range of PCB fuse holders that have been designed to accept the popular 5X20mm glass fuses. These unique one piece design fuse holders eliminate all of the problems associated with using fuse clips on a PCB. Additionally they are easier to install than fuse clips, they cost less than fuse clips and depending on the model you select they make it easier and safer to install and remove glass fuses. The PFT-78 is a “best seller” for 5X20mm PCB fuse holders due to its ease of installation, use and the low cost. The glass fuse slides into the fuse contacts and is firmly held in place ensuring a reliable electrical and mechanical connection. The optional BS232 cover is a great addition as it holds the fuse, provides protection and makes installation and removal simple. The UL rating of this PCB mount fuse holder is 10A, 250Vac. The PTF-77 is similar to this model with the exception that it has a center retention pin to snap into the PCB for increased mechanical stability. The PTF76 and 75 models are the same with the exception that instead of 22.6mm pin to pin spacing the solder pins are spaced at 15mm.