ASI announces Lever Actuated Fuse Terminal Blocks |

ASI announces Lever Actuated Fuse Terminal Blocks

September 212015
ASI announces Lever Actuated Fuse Terminal Blocks

September 21, 2015– Automation Systems Interconnect announces  ASIUK5HESI and ASIUK5HESILED24 DIN rail mounted fuse terminal blocks that accept 5 x 20 mm, 6.3x32mm (¼"x1¼"), blade fuses and cartridge holders.

In the majority of panels, enclosures, controls or machines where terminal blocks are specified, there invariably will be ground terminal blocks and some type of circuit protection. Circuit protection is typically attained by use of either a circuit breaker or fuse. Circuit protection is designed to protect wiring from an electrical surge of current. If circuit protection is not used, and an electric surge occurred, the surge would cause wire heating, much like the coils of an electric stove. This condition would generate enough heat to melt, burn and do other untold amounts of damage to the systems. To eliminate this problem in a 24 Vdc control circuit application select Automation Systems Interconnect’s ASIUK5HESI and ASIUK5HESILED24 DIN Rail Mounted 5 x 20 mm Fuse Terminal Blocks with and without LED Blown Fuse Indication.

The ASIUK5HESI is a gray DIN Rail mounted 5 x 20 mm Fuse Terminal Block featuring a lever actuated fuse holder for safe and easy insertion and extraction of 5 x 20 mm 5 x 25 mm glass fuses. The 8.2 mm wide terminal block has one level with two contacts. It is rated 12 Amp at 600 Volts with screw clamp wire terminations of 26 to 10 AWG. Another popular version of this part is the ASIUK5HESILED24 which includes the LED blown fuse indicator. This illuminated feature makes identification of a blown fuse a timesaver.