ATC Introduces ARA Alternating Relays |

ATC Introduces ARA Alternating Relays

January 302015
ATC Introduces ARA Alternating Relays

January 30, 2015 –ATC Diversified Electronics introduced ARA Series of expanding alternating relays, in duplexer, triplexer and quadraplexer versions, designed for the effective support of industrial control panels and their associated multi-load installation monitoring requirements. The series allows for additional loads to run in the event of excess load requirements, with the option of automatic or external clocking alteration. When the factory installed jumper is in place, the alternating action is initiated by a control switch, which is common to one side of the control voltage. When the jumper is removed, alternating action is initiated by an isolated normally open switch. A series of onboard LEDs indicate the condition of outputs.  The enclosure of the ARA Series is surface mounted.

The ARA Series is suited for industrial control panel requirements, including those common to municipal water plants, wastewater treatment facilities, large aquarium pumps, desalinization plants, water well installations, level and pumping control systems, and industrial pump level monitoring, and particularly, applications requiring both sequential alternation and equal runtime across all loads.