AURA Controls introduces EXH regulator |

AURA Controls introduces EXH regulator

AURA Controls introduces EXH regulator

June 1, 2016 – AURA Controls has introduced a high-pressure regulator designed to provide primary pressure control of non-corrosive gas or liquid for delivery pressures up to 4500 psig.  The EXH regulator is suited for applications including test benches, high-pressure cylinder control, aerospace component testing, hydraulics, and offshore breathing apparatus. 

The EXH ensures accurate control and stable downstream pressure in a durable, compact design.  Ideal for applications requiring variable delivery pressures, it vents excess downstream pressure to the atmosphere through the bonnet as the regulator set-point is reduced.  Its high-load marginal spring provides consistent delivery pressures even at high-flow rates while its non-rising stem design minimizes the equipment’s footprint.

Fully configurable to meet end-user specifications, the EXH is available in PTFE, PCTFE, and PEEK seat materials along with orifice sizes up to .2 to accommodate application-specific process conditions. Standard threaded bonnets and screw holes allow the regulator to be flush or panel-mounted for ease of installation.

Combined with multiple porting configurations and an extensive range of delivery pressures, the EXH is designed for high-pressure applications.  Each regulator is 100% helium leak-checked and fully flow- and function-tested to ensure high levels of durability and performance.