Aura Controls releases vacuum regulators |

Aura Controls releases vacuum regulators

Aura Controls releases vacuum regulators

July 14, 2015 – Aura Controls releases EXS and EXZ sub-atmospheric regulators that provide accurate control of systems operating under vacuum.

The EXS regulator’s hybrid spring design works in tandem with an oversized dual-surface diaphragm to enable sensitive control, in contrast to a standard regulator design that loses the ability to control pressure when subject to downstream vacuum.

The EXZ back-pressure regulator provides repeatable relief of excess positive pressure caused by accumulation or upstream sample injection in systems operating under vacuum. Its high-load adjusting spring maintains seat closure under vacuum, while a negative bias-spring allows for precise relief as positive pressure is introduced. This enables the user to accurately throttle excess positive pressure from the system to maintain optimal process conditions.

Fully configurable to meet the end-users specifications, the EXS is available in pressure ranges from 0 psia to 100 psig with orifice sizes from .02 to .08. The EXZ is available in control ranges from 0 psia to 15 psig, with seat material selection available to eliminate reaction with the media. Each regulator is assembled in a Class 100 cleanroom, 100% helium leak checked, and fully flow and function tested to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and durability.