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Automated Precision Fluid Dispensing Solutions

May 292014
Automated Precision Fluid Dispensing Solutions

Nordson EFD’s range of multi-axis systems offer reliable operation with excellent repeatability for dispensing assembly fluids with higher accuracy than a manual operator.  With fully integrated positioning and dispensing functions, these units can produce more parts in less time.

Specialized PC dispensing software and CAD conversion capabilities make Nordson EFD automated dispensing systems quick to set up and easy to program. EFD’s dispensing robots offer the flexibility of working either as a stand-alone system or as a key part of an automated solution, and easily integrate into in-line transfer systems, rotary tables, and pallet assembly lines.  These capabilities enable users to tackle more complex projects that require precision fluid dispensing and placement, while increasing product quality and yield.

Nordson EFD’s robots are quickly set up and are easy to run, providing operators more time on other projects and increasing product yield. Additionally, these robots can be customized with accessories such as height, tip, and vision systems that enable even higher precision for critical deposit control.  With a small footprint and an easy to program interface, these machines are ideal for modern fluid dispensing applications.