AutomationDirect releases Productivity1000 stackable micro PLC |

AutomationDirect releases Productivity1000 stackable micro PLC

November 022017
AutomationDirect releases Productivity1000 stackable micro PLC

November 2, 2017 - The Productivity1000 stackable micro PLC is a member of AutomationDirect's Productivity controller family. The P1000 is packed with many of the features of the Productivity series but housed in a smaller design.

The P1-540 CPU has a 50Mb memory and features four onboard communications ports including micro USB, serial RS-485, serial RS-232 and Ethernet 10/100Mbps connections. Supported communications protocols include EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU/TCP and ASCII.  The micro USB 2.0 (type B) port provides a plug-and-play connection for programming, online monitoring and firmware upgrades.

The 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port is used for programming, monitoring, and firmware upgrades as well as client/server connections (Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP scanner and adapters). A microSD card slot accepts a standard microSD card to provide up to 32GB of data logging capacity. The CPU’s built-in Web server allows users to view, download and delete data log files from any browser. One RS-232 and one RS-485 serial port can communicate via Modbus RTU or ASCII protocols for local networking or device interfaces.

The Productivity1000 requires no base or backplane and can be expanded with up to 8 snap-on I/O modules. The P1000 system can support up to 128 discrete I/O points or 32 analog I/O channels total. The I/O modules are easily added or removed using the single latch mechanism on the topside of each module. The P1-01AC power supply snaps onto the CPU and provides isolated power to the P1000. Any combination of I/O modules may be installed without power budget considerations. The 14 I/O modules capture and control a wide range of field signals, including up to 8-point DC I/O, 16-point AC I/O, and analog voltage, current or temperature. Each I/O module includes a QR (Quick Response) code which can be scanned from any smart phone or tablet to get the latest specifications for that module.

The free downloadable ProductivitySuite programming software features tag name-based programming for documentation management and integration with HMIs. Productivity1000 gives users the freedom to define user tags with no limits or fixed boundaries. With tag name-based programming, there are no pre-defined, fixed memory maps and no wasted, unused memory allocations.

The software can perform I/O hardware auto-discovery and configuration with the option to be manually configured by the user using drag and drop module placement. Processes in the programming environment are designed to reduce development time; these processes include combined ladder logic and function block-style programming, task management that minimizes scan time, advanced instructions that simplify complex tasks, and a HELP file that covers both hardware and software topics.


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