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AutomationDirect's LookoutDirect HMI Software

AutomationDirect's LookoutDirect HMI Software

LookoutDirect is a PC-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) software package.
It comes from National Instruments(based on their Lookout® object-based automation software). LookoutDirect does everything you need an HMI to do, at half the price charged by most of our competitors.

- Supports 500 I/O
- Huge object library
- DirectLogic serial and Ethernet PLC drivers
- 10 major competitive drivers
- Alarming
- Data logging
- Trending
- Expressions/formulas
- Report generation
- Recipes
- Security levels
- Windows® connectivity
- Networking
- Telemetry

Seven new Objects:
- Loader
- Monitor
- Radio Buttons
- Sequencer
- Waveform
- Sample
- Sample Text

New functions:
* Browse-and-select networking for easily connecting multiple LookoutDirect stations
* Distributed data logging - save and retrieve data anywhere on a network
* Distributed alarming - view and acknowledge alarms from anywhere in the network
* OPC Server - LookoutDirect automatically presents itself as an OPC server on the network allowing data access from any compatible OPC Client.

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