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B-Scada introduces Citiworx platform for smart cities

October 312016
B-Scada introduces Citiworx platform for smart cities

October 31, 2016 - B-Scada has announced the launch of its CitiWorx platform for smart cities and communities. B-Scada's CitiWorx is designed as a complete smart city solution, combining the technology, expertise, and partner ecosystem needed to take a smart city project from inception to completion.

CitiWorx is comprised of a cloud based solution for monitoring vast numbers of assets in real time, including equipment, signs, sensors and key performance indicators (KPI). The system also provides a vital set of tools for monitoring resources including vehicles, traffic and public transportation. Users can access the system with any mobile device or tablet with a web browser.

CitiWorx is built on Microsoft Azure and has the ability to support millions of assets through information modeling using OPC UA. An extensive suite of development and design tools, API's and utilities allow for deployment of full featured solutions. The B-Scada development team has experience in working with real time data from diverse sources and integrating that information into meaningful solutions to empower decision makers. B-Scada's partner ecosystem includes suppliers of hardware and sensors, system integrators and engineers ready to address the needs of the most challenging projects.