Balluff releases BIS V RFID reader |

Balluff releases BIS V RFID reader

Balluff releases BIS V RFID reader

July 24, 2015 -   Balluff releases BIS V RFID reader that can read three different frequencies of RFID tags and communicate via EtherNet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, CC-Link, or Ethercat.

With four dedicated RFID ports and one IO-Link master port, RFID can now be mixed with sensors, hubs, actuators, and even SmartLight tower lights all in one processor. Since it has an IP65 rating, BIS V processor can be mounted directly on the production line instead of making long runs back to a control cabinet.  Being released along with the processor are several new read/write heads. These heads were designed to address applications where the part or pallet must be read on-the-fly, since they can transfer a relatively large amount of data very quickly.  In addition, there are multiple form factors available that allow mounting in the tightest of spaces.

BIS V can connect to all major control systems. Since each device houses a network In and Out port, the network can be configured in multiple topologies and make a single connection back to the PLC.