Belden updates HiOS Routing Software for Maximum Network Availability |

Belden updates HiOS Routing Software for Maximum Network Availability

September 172014

September 17, 2014 - Belden announces Hirschmann Operating System (HiOS) 4.0, a free software version that has routing functionality for Hirschmann switches in the Rail Switch Power (RSP), Rail Switch Power Expandable (RSPE) and MICE Switch Power (MSP) families. HiOS 4.0 supports various security mechanisms, comprehensive management and diagnostic methods, precise time synchronization, and redundancy protocols, thus ensuring maximum network availability.

HiOS 4.0 software is compatible with other routing products from Hirschmann, such as the MACH4000 and MACH1040 industrial Ethernet devices, as well as with products from other manufacturers.

Using standard technology, HiOS 4.0 provides static routing functionality for RSP switches and dynamic routing functionality for MSP switches, thus ensuring that Layer 3 technology is available throughout the network.

The latest version of the software makes state-of-the-art hardware even more powerful. It adds dynamic routing functionality to the relevant MSP hardware versions, guaranteeing system continuity from one product generation to the next. The software equips the RSP switch with the required Layer 3 functionality, turning it into a routing product whose compact housing allows it to be accommodated in the production area.

HiOS was developed specifically to meet the requirements of the automation sector. The Hirschmann switches in the RSP, RSPE, RSPL (Lite), RSPS (Smart) and embedded Ethernet switch (EES) families, like the modular MSP system, are ideally suited to virtually any application that calls for maximum network availability. Examples include automotive production and transportation.

HiOS also offers Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) for the energy sector, where IEC61850 servers can be used to forward diagnostic information directly to control systems. The switches thus become an integral part of applications, such as protection devices.

HiOS extends the range of applications for the latest generation of industrial Ethernet products from Hirschmann. From cabling, through switches and routers, supplemented by wireless local area network (WLAN), firewalls and network management software, a seamless high-availability solution for state-of-the-art automation networks is now available from a single supplier.

Product Manager Mark Cooksley says: “Hirschmann has long been known for its operating system’s unique redundancy and security features that enable it to provide maximum network availability and data security for efficient production processes. With HiOS 4.0, users have access to the widest range of standard functions and special features for the automation sector by far.”

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