BelGAS Introduces Type P99 pressure regulators for natural gas |

BelGAS Introduces Type P99 pressure regulators for natural gas

BelGAS Introduces Type P99 pressure regulators for natural gas

June 17, 2014 – BelGAS announced Type P99 pressure reducing regulators.

Featuring a field-proven high-accuracy and highly robust design, Type P99 gas pressure regulators help to maintain consistent inlet pressures to downstream equipment, allowing for the accurate control of distribution system pressures, even with widely varying flow rates and supply pressures.  This also include support of often challenging high inlet pressure and low flow control applications. Type P99 also eliminates the need for pressure-compensating meters by holding a steady pressure to the meter inlet.  With these features, sudden downstream load changes are fully minimized.

BelGAS Type P99 gas pressure regulators also feature tight shutoff, in which a heavy main spring is working through a lever to provide a high seat loading force. Regulator loading pressure bleeds downstream through the pilot via the downstream control line. No atmospheric bleed occurs when the regulator is shutoff. In addition, Type P99 regulators may be used as cost-effective drop-in replacements for most other industry models, including direct parts interchangeability, and occupy the same dimensional footprint. They are also easy to install, service and maintain. The valve disk and orifice may also be inspected without ever having to remove the body from the pipeline. Type 99 units can also be easily modified for special service requirements. Consult the factory for details.

All BelGAS pressure regulators are 100% made in the USA at the state-of-the-art Marsh Bellofram manufacturing facility in Newell, West Virginia. Each product is rigorously tested for durability and performance prior to factory shipment.  They are also offered to customers with some of the industry’s best lead times and are supported by a fully active global distribution network.

With their exceptional high-reliability performance characteristics, BelGAS Type P99 gas pressure regulators are ideal for use within natural gas distribution systems; industrial boiler gas supplies, furnaces, ovens and mixers; plant air service; oxygen and ammonia service; and larger-scale commercial requirements, such as those common to shopping centers, schools, hospitals or nursing homes.