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Bud Introduces IPV Series PC/PC Wide Opening External Vent

September 112014
Bud Introduces IPV Series PC/PC Wide Opening External Vent

September 11, 2014 — Bud Industries introduced IPV Series PC/PC Wide Opening External Vent.

Ideally suited for outdoor use, the enclosure vent is designed to allow circulation of a large volume of air while offering basic protection from rain water and falling debris. It is equally useful indoors on larger cabinets where a large vent helps to protect electronics from heat and moisture.

Typical applications for the new product include control boxes, WiFi and radio housing, power supply housing, access controls, high heat systems, corrosive environments and general factory environments.

The IPV Series Wide Opening External Vent is optimal for cooling and pressure equalizing where protection from rain water is required. The continuous gasket between the enclosure and the vent facilitates moisture protection. The RoHs compliant fiberglass enclosure features material that is non-chlorinated and non-brominated flame retardant with a UL-94 V0 rating, and is designed to provide IP32 protection (IP test pending).

Two models are available, sized 2.91 x 2.91 x 1.1-inches and 3.95 x 3.95 x 1.25-inches. Comprised of gray polycarbonate plastic and 10% fiberglass, this enclosure vent offers the best of both worlds; the polycarbonate offers improved shatter resistance and the level of fiberglass allows for more consistent molding for tighter tolerances as well as a relatively smooth exterior. The material withstands exposure to ultraviolet light and water in accordance with UL 746C.

Price and Availability
The vents are priced considerably lower than leading competitive enclosures while retaining full functionality. The units are available from stock, with prices starting under $4 for single unit orders.

Bud also offers a variety cooling fans along with a full line of cabinet enclosure accessories.

About Bud Industries, Inc.
Founded in 1928, Bud Industries, Inc. is the nation's leading manufacturer of enclosures and related products for the electronics and data industries. The Bud line includes products ranging from small hand-held boxes to large cabinet racks, products made from plastic as well as metal, and standard electronic products as well as those that meet NEMA and seismic requirements. Bud's standard product line of more than 2,500 products is heavily stocked by distribution channels as well as by the company itself, allowing same-day shipment of more than 90 percent of the enclosures sold. Bud can make simple modifications to most enclosures to your specs in five days. Custom products are also available, as is complete design support.