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C3D Labs announces launch of C3D Vision 2016

August 262016
C3D Labs announces launch of C3D Vision 2016

August 25, 2016 – C3D Labs announces the launch of C3D Vision 2016, the newest module of the C3D Toolkit designed for developers of engineering software. The development of C3D Vision was influenced by the requirements of the computer-aided design industry.

This software component from C3D Labs works with polygonal 3D models. Scenes are split into segments and then represented by rendered graphics. Each segment can have its own set of characteristics: absolute and relative matrices, referential representation of data, and an array of geometry representations. Segmentation makes it possible to manage relations for different groups of objects being visualized, and so avoids duplication of identical 3D elements used in varying nodes of 3D models.

C3D Vision 2016 supports the following functions:

  • Configures levels of detail (LOD)
  • Applies shaders and widgets
  • Uses 3D assembly feature tree managers
  • Controls static graphics and dynamic scenes
  • Sets anti-aliasing levels
  • Culls invisible elements of scenes
  • Handles vector fonts

All these features ensure that the visualizer works with 3D scenes as complex as those containing more than 50 thousand bodies and over 30 million triangles.