Calex announces MXW 500W DC/DC Converter |

Calex announces MXW 500W DC/DC Converter

November 102014
Calex announces MXW 500W DC/DC Converter

November 10, 2014 - Calex announces the 500W MXW series of wide input, high efficiency half brick DC/DC converters. The MXW provides power density in a 9 to 36VDC input range half brick DC/DC. Input to output isolation for the MXW is 2250VDC. Efficiency runs as high as 94%. The MXW offers fully regulated output voltages of 12 and 24V. With the 9 to 36V input range, the MXW is ideal for mobile (12V and/or 24VDC) and industrial (24VDC) applications.

Mindful of mobile battery applications and battery charge conservation, the MXW offers ON/OFF with an idle current of only 2mA in the OFF state. The MXW also features output voltage trim with a trim range of ±10%. The switching frequency of the MXW is fixed at 200 kHz. The MXW will fully regulate the output voltage down to a no-load condition. There is no minimum load required. The output voltage setpoint accuracy is ±1.5% with zero turn-on overshoot. The temperature coefficient of the MXW is 0.015%/C. Line and load regulation is 0.5% and 0.08% respectively.

The MXW is protected with over current, short circuit and over temperature protection with auto restart. All models are built in the USA and backed by Calex’s Five Year Warranty. The case operating temperature range of the MXW is -40 to 100C. Storage temperature is -55 to 125C. The unit weight is 109.2g and case dimensions are 2.4” x 2.5” x 0.50”H. Units are available from stock to 8 weeks.