Calex announces QRW series of DC/DC converters |

Calex announces QRW series of DC/DC converters

December 222017
Calex announces QRW series of DC/DC converters

December 22, 2017 - Calex Mfg. Co. announced the QRW series of DC/DC converters.  The QRW is housed in an industry standard ¼ brick package and features an input range of 9 to 18VDC, designed for applications powered by a 12V battery.  The QRW offers two models, 3.3Vout and 5Vout, both rated at 30 Amps.  Mindful of battery conservation, the efficiency of the 3.3V out model is 92% and the 5V out model operates at 93% efficiency.  Both models offer ON/OFF to minimize power consumption during the OFF state.

The QRW Series is isolated input to output as well as the baseplate of the converter.  Input to output isolation is 2250VDC.  Both converter operate at a fixed frequency of 285kHz.  Both converters will operate down to a no load condition.  Output regulation over the input voltage range is 0.2% and from zero to full load regulation is also 0.2%.  The temperature coefficient of the QRW is 0.02%/C.  Output ripple and noise for the 3.3V model is 10mV peak to peak.  The 5V model has output ripple and noise of 12mV peak to peak. 

The operating temperature range of the QRW is -40 to +100C.  Storage temperature is -55 to +125C.  Both models feature over current protection, short circuit protection and  over-temperature protection.  The MTBF for the QRW is 8.6MHrs.  Case dimensions are 1.54” x 2.39” x 0.52”.  Unit weight is 2.4 ounces.