Calex introduces QMW DC/DC converter |

Calex introduces QMW DC/DC converter

Calex introduces QMW DC/DC converter

April 27, 2015 -  Calex introduces QMW DC/DC converter with  a 9 to 36VDC input range and  an isolated, precisely regulated 12 Volt output. 

The QMW achieves efficiency of 92%, operates at a fixed frequency and follows conservative component derating guidelines.  The 92% efficiency rating eases the job of thermal management given the high power density of the compact 2.39” x 1.54” x 0.50”H quarter brick package.  

The input to output isolation of the QMW is 2250VDC.  The switching frequency is 275kHz.   The output voltage setpoint accuracy is+/-1%.  Output noise is 120mV peak to peak.  The QMW will operate from a no load condition up to the maximum 20.5A output current.  Line regulation is 0.2%, same as load regulation.  Load transient overshoot is 5% and the load transient recovery time is 500 us.  The QMW features ON/OFF with a low OFF idle current of 20mA, ideal for battery powered applications.  The QMW is protected by over voltage protection, input reverse polarity protection, thermal overload protection and short circuit protection.  The MTBF for the QMW is 8.6M hours. 

The case operating temperature range of the QMW is -40 to +100C.  Storage range is -55 to +125C.  The unit weight is 2.4 oz.  The QMW is also RoHS compliant.