CAMI announces CB18C connector board |

CAMI announces CB18C connector board

January 042016
CAMI announces CB18C connector board

January 4, 2016 - CAMI Research announces CB18C connector board for CableEye cable and harness testing systems. Hipot rated to 500 Vdc/ 350 Vac, the CB18C may be used on all CableEye models.

Sold as a set of two boards with expander cable, each CB18C accepts eight shielded RJ45 connectors via quick-change, press-fit connectors. The top deck provides both mechanical support and electrical connection (to the shields). The board may be used to test shielded or unshielded cables, and may be paired with other CableEye adapter boards to accommodate any combination of connectors.

The CB18C is best suited to high test volume situations i.e. >500 cables/week. Under these conditions, the connector insertion count is high enough to quickly wear out the RJ45 mating sockets. The CB18C allows for rapid, in-house, RJ45 socket replacement, minimizing downtime, and significantly improving longevity of the test board itself. For lower production volumes, the CB18 or CB18A may be preferred.

The CB18C includes a kit of 16 spare industry-standard RJ45 sockets. Price: from $325.