CimQuest INGEAR adds Windows 7 to ActiveX Studio PLC software

CimQuest INGEAR adds Windows 7 to ActiveX Studio PLC software

April 12, 2010 – CimQuest INGEAR announced that its Allen-Bradley ActiveX Studio software now supports creation of Windows 7 PLC HMI applications and enables 32-bit programs to operate with 64-bit versions of Windows. Allen-Bradley ActiveX Studio 6.0 enables creation of easier-to-use, more powerful PLC communications applications, along with significant performance and usability improvements over previous versions.

CimQuest’s Allen-Bradley ActiveX Studio 6.0 gives component Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 programmers a direct communication channel to Allen-Bradley PLCs without the overhead or complexity of OPC and does not rely on 3rd party drivers such as RSLinx. It enables two-way communications with Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix, MicroLogix, PLC-5, and SLC controllers, supporting development of ActiveX/OCX-based communications applications written in Visual Basic, C++ and .NET programming languages.

Users who have built applications with Allen-Bradley ActiveX Studio version 5.2 can now upgrade their applications so they can run on Windows 7 and Windows 64-Bit operating systems with only minor changes to their code. New users can develop and deploy application for Windows 7 and Windows 64-Bit operating systems.

Among the performance and usability enhancements in the new version are improved CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) communications, improved error reporting, and updated example files and projects. Version 6.0 also supports an optional USB License Key that enables users to move developmental licenses from machine to machine without the need for registration or activation.

Allen Bradley ActiveX Studio 6.0 is available for immediate download, as a free trial, upgrade, or full purchase. The developer edition, which supports unlimited runtime distribution, is priced at $999. The single machine deployment version is $299. Users with a current Studio 5.2 ActiveX Studio Maintenance and Subscription plan can upgrade for free. Other Studio 5.2 users should contact INGEAR Sales (1.866.935.7979 Toll Free US/Canada)|1.610.935.8282) for pro-rated upgrade pricing options.

“Many of our customers migrating to the performance advantages of 64-bit Windows computing have had concerns about being able to continue to run their 32-bit programs. With this new version of our Allen-Bradley ActiveX Studio, we enable them to update existing or newly created 32-bit programs and run them on Windows 7 and on 64-bit Windows operating systems,” said CimQuest INGEAR president, Chuck Karwoski.

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