City Technology releases six gas sensors |

City Technology releases six gas sensors

August 052014
City Technology releases six gas sensors

August 5, 2014 - City Technology has added six sensors to its electrochemical sensor range. These include the 5OxLL long life oxygen (O2) and A5F+ carbon monoxide (CO) sensors for flue gas analysis; and 4OxLL long life O2, 4OXV O2, 4F and 4MF CO sensors - designed for use with EN50379-3 compliant analyzers.

Emissions gas sensing for domestic and light commercial boiler combustion analysis can be a challenge. Sensors are subjected to high humidity, temperature changes, corrosive and acidic gases which can cause field failures and measurement inaccuracies - compromising performance and stability and increasing servicing/calibration needs.  A suitable sensor should be built to a high specification and from resistant materials that enable them to withstand these conditions. Added to this is the ever-present need to reduce operational costs. With much focus on the specification of the analyzer itself, it is essential to remember that an analyzer is only as good as its sensors.     

The 5OxLL long life O2 sensor is RoHS compliant and designed to operate for the whole life of the analyzer. It reduces the cost of ownership and field failures through enhanced stability, and enables analyzer manufacturers to reduce servicing costs. 5OxLL’s impressive longevity is achieved by its “electrochemical pump” technology, removing the need for a consumable lead anode; the life limiting component in today’s comparable sensors.

The A5F+ CO sensor is ideal for “high range” applications (up to 20,000ppm) which traditionally require a second sensor to meet EN50379-2. A5F+’s robust and advanced design is H2 compensated and also includes high capacity filter to achieve reliability and extend operational life (5 years).

4 Series sensors include the 4OXV O2 sensor, with a 2 year life and the 4OxLL long life O2 sensor – designed to match the lifetime of the average analyzer. This new range also includes the 4F and 4MF CO sensors, offering low and high range measurements; 4F (0-20,000ppm) and 4MF (0-100,000ppm). Both sensors include robust internal acid gas filters to ensure operational life in demanding emissions environments.