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Communication interfaces

August 012014
Communication interfaces

We provide inexpensive, easy-to-use, future-ready communication interfaces that can access your PR installed base of products. The detachable 4501 Local Operator Interface (LOI) allows for local monitoring of process values, device configuration, error detection, and signal simulation. The next generation, our 4511 Remote Operator Interface (ROI) does all that and more, adding remote digital communications via Modbus/RTU, while the analog output signals are still available for redundancy.

With the 4511 you can further expand connectivity with a PR gateway, which connects via inustrial Ethernet, wirelessly through a Wi-fi router or directly with the devices using our Portable Plant Supervisor (PPS) application. The PPS app is available for iOS, Android and Windows.

The communicaton interface range includes:

  • 4501 Display / programming front (Modification of operational parameters in system 4000/9000 devices.)
  • 4511 Communication enabler (Programming display for system 4000/9000 devices / RTU protocol interface over RS-485)
  • 4590 ConfigMate (Docking station for 4501 - upload / download tool)