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Computerized Tensile Testing Machine

Computerized Tensile Testing Machine

We are the well known manufacturers of a high quality of products such as the Computerized Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine which is used by the laboratories, material manufacturers and other industries. These products find very accurate measurements and they are very reliable in their readings.


  • PLC Smart Control
  • High Precision Sensors
  • Graphical Display of load and other parameters. 
  • Special Software Package for Testing
  • Test Report Generation & Printing
  • High loading accuracy & infinitely variable straining speeds to suit a wide range of materials.
  • Robust loading frame, Simple controls & easy to operate.
  • Special Accessories like – Extra Bed length, Extra Ram stroke, Various special grips / attachments / fixtures as per sizes / shapes of specimens, Load-stabilizer (at extra cost) can be provided to suit special application.
  • Adequate safety devices for safe operation.

Software Package :

The tester offers a host of software features that allows programming of all parameters, operational control and real-time display of the on-going test. This software package allows the operator to conduct a wide range of tests with an almost limitless array of test parameters and displayed test information.