Congatec introduces conga-TS170 Server-on-Modules |

Congatec introduces conga-TS170 Server-on-Modules

October 292015
Congatec introduces conga-TS170  Server-on-Modules

October 29,  2015 - Congatec introduces conga-TS170  Server-on-Modules that deliver server-class embedded performance.

The Server-on-Modules are equipped with 6th generation Intel Xeon and Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 processors (codenamed Skylake). The DDR4 memory of the conga-TS170 modules provides up to twice as much system memory performance for data-intensive applications while consuming 20 percent less energy and requiring only half the footprint of DDR3 RAM that is expected to become legacy in future applications.

In addition, the modules offer faster processor speeds, a 60 percent accelerated system bus and an enlarged Intel Smart Cache (up to 8 MB) as well as the PCIe Gen 3.0 support for all PCIe Lanes and the new Intel HD Graphics P530. Overall, users can expect to benefit from enhanced system performance and packing density with lower space and energy requirements.

The modules have been developed for the server-class of embedded designs that operate within a thermal power envelope of 25-45W TDP and require custom I/O and IoT interfaces. The conga-TS170 modules equipped with Intel Core processors are suitable for applications including test and measurement equipment, back-end systems in medical imaging, high-performance industrial workload stations as well as intelligent vending machines.

The Intel Xeon module variants additionally provide ECC memory protection, which extends their usage to data critical server and gateway applications. Applications can be found in industrial IoT and cloud servers with big data analytics, carrier-grade edge node servers as well as connected Industry 4.0 automation servers that host multiple virtual machines or media servers with multiple stream real-time video transcoding.

In addition, the conga-TS170 modules offer powerful tools to manage distributed IoT, M2M and Industry 4.0 applications. Thanks to Intel vPro technology and congatec's board management controller with watchdog timer and power loss control, the modules are fully equipped for remote monitoring, management and maintenance tasks, right down to out-of-band management.

For cost-sensitive applications that do not necessarily require complex out-of-band management or virtualization, modules based on the Intel Core i3 processor and the Mobile Intel HM170 chipset are also available.