CONTA-CLIP adds SDK series lead-through terminals |

CONTA-CLIP adds SDK series lead-through terminals

February 232016
CONTA-CLIP adds SDK series lead-through terminals

February 23, 2016 - CONTA-CLIP expanded its series of SDK lead-through terminals with types SDK 10 and SDK 16 for 10 mm² and 16 mm² nominal cross-sections for applications in electrical equipment and enclosure technology. By combining coordinated system components, different voltage levels of up to 1000 V (UL 600 V) for a rated current of up to 76 A can be provided.

Optional use of isolating, spacer and adapter plates ensures maximum rated voltage up to pollution degree 3 for 0.2 mm² to 25 mm² wire cross sections. Two-piece feed-through terminals for 1-6 mm sheet thickness are available with a screw connection system or with a combined screw/soldering connection system, also tailored to the requirements of encapsulated devices and ensuring maximum tightness in all applications. As a complement to the screw/soldering connection system, CONTA-CLIP offers foamed PE gaskets and potting plates that prevent leakage of potting compound through mounting holes during potting of wired and tested devices.

Feed-through terminals can be connected with a peg to form multi-polar-units. Screws ensure that terminals on the outside can be safely attached to the enclosure wall. All versions include a marker bar for marker types PMC SB and PMC BSTR. Additional accessories include outer flange plates to securely keep the terminals in place, spacer plates to increase the tracking resistance between the terminals, and external adapter plates that improve insulation strength between terminals and housing. The complete series is also available in customized colors.