CONTA-CLIP expands SRK terminal blocks |

CONTA-CLIP expands SRK terminal blocks

CONTA-CLIP expands SRK terminal blocks

June 17, 2014 - CONTA-CLIP extended its SRK range of terminal blocks with a screw connection, adding models with large cross sections. The feed-through terminals are now available for wire cross sections between 16 and 120 mm², thereby covering a total range of 0.08 to 120 mm².

Up to 35 mm2, the terminals feature a double cross-connection channel for plug-in cross-connectors. Screw-on cross-connectors located on the inside are used for the larger models. The SRK range of protective earth terminals has also been extended by wire cross sections from 16 to 70 mm². Models up to 35 mm² are contacted with the rail by simply snapping those on. The terminals are equipped with a large wire entry bay that facilitates the insertion of wires. The connection of multiple wires is also possible. All SRK-type terminals have a very compact housing and feature excellent stability, vibration resistance, and improved attachment of the wires to the contact point. The terminals’ foot construction ensures a reliable, firm hold on the mounting rail. Manufactured from PA 6.6-V0, their robust housing safely anchors the metal parts on the inside.