ControlAir introduces Type-380 & Type-390 regulators |

ControlAir introduces Type-380 & Type-390 regulators

ControlAir introduces Type-380 & Type-390 regulators

April 27, 2016 -- ControlAir Inc., a manufacturer of precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control products, announced the introduction of the Type-380 Stainless Steel Filter Regulator and the Type-390 Stainless Steel Regulator. The Type-380 and Type-390 are designed to withstand harsh environments while providing accurate pressure regulation and filtration.  Their oversized valving allows the units to handle large flow capacity applications.

The corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel housing, trim and filter assembly construction make the Type-380/390SS compatible with sour gas and adaptable to off shore environments.  The units also provide accurate control of gas pressure.  To maximize performance, 3/4" NPT and 1” NPT porting combined with oversized valving helps the regulators achieve high flow rates with minimal pressure drop.  Maximum flow coefficients (Cv) of 7.0 provide flows up to 400 scfm (11,320 Nl/min).  A low air consumption rate of 4 SCFH (2 NL/min) ensures economical operation.

The Type-380SS and Type-390SS are designed to provide instrument quality air to valves, pneumatic controllers, transmitters, transducers, valve positioners, air cylinders, and a wide range of pneumatic control systems.  Applications include oil and gas processing, both on and offshore; food; pulp and paper; pharmaceutical processing; pollution control; wastewater treatment and research projects.

The units are available in 3/4” NPT and 1” NPT porting. There is a choice of five output ranges that provide outputs up to 200 psig (14 BAR).  Maximum supply pressure is 290 psig (20 BAR).  Two 1/4” NPT gauge ports are included.  Normal operating temperatures range from -400F to +2000F (-400C to +930C ). Autodrain temperature range is 320F to +2000F (00C to +930C ).