Crouzet adds CANopen to its brushless dc motors |

Crouzet adds CANopen to its brushless dc motors

August 262015
Crouzet adds CANopen to its brushless dc motors

August 26, 2015 - Crouzet Motors introduces availability of CANopen technology for its brushless DC Motors. The communications protocol offering allows design engineers to connect multiple Crouzet brushless motors to the various components in their system, reducing wiring and installation costs while at the same time increasing system communications and integrity.

The CANopen interface permits connection of up to 127 brushless DC motors with a single, shielded two-wire cable. Data may be transmitted at speeds up to 125 kBd at distances over 550 yards. At lower baud rates, the transmission distance can exceed three miles, making communications flexible to virtually any location. Under the communications protocol, motors can be controlled separately or together with high accuracy.

A feature of CANopen is that the motors can operate over a wide voltage range, withstanding up to 80 volts DC regenerative energy. In addition, these CANopen enabled motors utilize two safety inputs to cut down power in the motor even if the microprocessor has failed.

Embedded fieldbus control brings a number of other advantages that include integral protection for maximum life in severe environments, excellent reliability of data transmission, and immunity to external noise and vibration. 
Brushless DC motors with CANopen interface are well suited for use in a variety of demanding applications ranging from medical, transportation, foodservice and precision agricultural equipment to packaging machinery, solar tracking, defense and industrial automation.