Crouzet introduces BDE PRO external motor drive |

Crouzet introduces BDE PRO external motor drive

January 182017
Crouzet introduces BDE PRO external motor drive

January 18, 2017 − Crouzet North America introduced the BDE PRO, an external motor drive specifically designed to optimize operation of five of Crouzet's DCmind brushed motors ranging in size from 42mm to 62mm diameter and in power from 15W to 100W. This analog controller is suitable for use in a variety of markets including medical, access control, commercial and industrial applications, and is ideal for prototyping in new product development.

The 84855104 BDE PRO controls motor speed and torque in a panel-mount package that measures just 5.1" x 3" x 1".  Performance characteristics include a power range of 25A peak current and 15A continuous current while supporting both Hall-effect sensor and incremental encoder type feedback. Other features include a red/green LED that indicates operating status and three operation modes for current, encoder velocity or duty cycle.

When used with Crouzet DCmind motors, the system is designed to help customers more precisely control the DCmind motor series, which is a solution for applications where silence, long life, efficiency and low EMC levels are required.

The unit's control capabilities meet a variety of application needs.  In the case of medical applications where a constant gentle velocity may be required, the BDE PRO can drive the motor at a gentle pace while being able to stop if needed. Its 4-quadrant operation allows the motor to go clockwise and counterclockwise quickly, and to stop immediately as needed, an important requirement in medical applications such as imagery, surgical equipment, mobile robotics, and precision pumps.

The drive is fully protected against overvoltage, under-voltage, overcurrent, overheating and short circuits across motor, ground and power leads. It can interface with digital controllers or be used stand-alone, and requires only a single unregulated DC power supply. Loop gain, current limit, input gain and offset can be adjusted using 14-turn potentiometers. An offset adjusting potentiometer can also be used as an on-board input signal for testing purposes. The BDE PRO is certified under UL, cUL, CE and RoHS.