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Daisy Data releases Series 4120 PC for Hazardous Locations

Daisy Data releases Series 4120 PC for Hazardous Locations

April 30, 2015 -  Daisy Data Displays releases Series 4120 PC, designed to operate reliably in hazardous locations such as those found in refineries, drilling, fracking or oil drill rig locations and more.

The Series 4120 features either a 19" display (1280 x 1024 resolution) or 15" display (1024 x 768 resolution). The Series 4120 is small, light, fatr, fanless and provides end users with improved on-screen resolution and visibility, thus allowing the user to make full use of the software. Because the units are fanless, the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is lengthened as the number of movable parts has been reduced.  A fanless PC with a low power i7 processes - an option available with the Series 4120 - will significantly increase the MTBF.

The lightweight, carbon fiber enclosed units are less than 19 pounds for increased ease of use and feature a resistant touch screen (glass on glass) or optional multi-touch Projected - Capacitive (P-Cap). WiFi antenna is also optional.

The COM e module is available with either Quad Core Atom or i7 processor and Solid State HD, up to 256GB. The new 4120 features up to 16GB of memory (4GB is standard), 4 USB ports, two network ports, keyboard and pointing device PS/2 ports. It is designed to operate reliably in temperatures from -40 to 65 C.

Adaptability and flexibility are the most important attributes of the Model 4120. All units come with a variety of different mounting options and the ability to modify the unit to fit into each unique space. System engineers are able to work with Daisy Data development engineers to modify units for specific size and space needs while still fitting into the required enclosure. Even units that are sized differently from existing enclosures can be modified to fit into the existing space providing the highest - and unparalleled - level of adaptability on the market today.

"Collaborating with customers to create custom units that meet very specific - and unique - needs is what sets Daisy apart from other manufacturers," said David "Avi" Shefet, president. "Daisy is unique in that we are willing to and highly prepared to modify our products to meet customer specifications. Customers have different needs. Why require them to purchase a one-size-fits-all solution?"

 Daisy Data Displays is a hazardous location and ruggedized industrial computer manufacturer that provides custom solutions for the harshest of situations and environments. Daisy's products are ideal for Oil & Gas Exploration, Military Operations, Flight Simulation, and Pharmaceutical & Food Processing environments. Founded in 1982, Daisy manufactures Industrial and Hazardous Location PCs, Industrial and Hazardous Location Monitors, Military PCs, Military Monitors, Keyboards, Purge Controls, and Accessories (including touchscreens, KVM extenders, cooling devices, bar code scanners, and conduit seal kits and air connection kits).