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Dajac announces Expert I/O 1000 USB module

June 252009
June 25, 2009 – Dajac announced the Expert I/O 1000 PC-based automation control module. The input/output control module is uniquely suited for numerous automation needs. The Expert I/O 1000 has a simple USB connection to a computer and allows automation of testing, processing, industrial machinery, distribution machinery, and more. Ideal for end users, the Expert I/O 1000 is also an excellent tool for teaching students automation control principles and techniques.

The Expert I/O 1000 incorporates many I/O functions: 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 2 analog outputs (6 selectable ranges each), 6 analog inputs and 2 brush DC motor controllers with integrated amplifiers. In addition to these I/O functions, it contains 2KB of user accessible nonvolatile memory. Incredibly, all this is incorporated in a compact 6.125" x 3.375" x 2.25" enclosure.

To complement the digital I/O's exceptionally large voltage range, the Expert I/O 1000 contains software configurable digital input pull resistors to eliminate the need for external pull resistors. They can be configured as pull-ups or pull-downs or can be completely disabled.

Mounting the Expert I/O 1000 is made effortless with its integrated DIN rail mounting mechanism. The innovative design of the DIN rail mounting feature allows the unit to remain stable on flat surfaces when not using DIN rail. This makes it equally suitable for lab bench uses.

Configuring the Expert I/O 1000 is exceedingly easy. All configuration and control is performed through a concise software API. The API is provided in a DLL, making it accessible from any application or development environment that can utilize DLL's.