DATEL introduces AM-606HT line of amplifiers |

DATEL introduces AM-606HT line of amplifiers

September 022016
DATEL introduces AM-606HT line of amplifiers

September 1, 2016 - DATEL, Inc. has announced the introduction of the AM-606HT series, a line of harsh environment amplifiers that are developed and manufactured using processes that originate with DATEL's MIL-PRF-38534 standards and controls. These standards have been extended and increased to meet the demanding -55 to +200°C operating temperature ranges. 

The AM-606HT has a gain bandwidth of 28MHz, a slew rate of 250V/µs and can settle to 0.01% in less than 180ns while delivering dynamic performance for harsh environment systems. The DC performance of the AM-606HT includes less than 1.5mV of offset, a voltage noise density below 8nV/√Hz and a total supply current under 10mA.

Offered in either a standard 8-pin hermetically sealed ceramic DIP (MHT) or Gull-Wing SMT (GHT) package, the AM-606HT is a dual operational amplifier specified for operation up to +200°C. This family of extended temperature amplifiers are designed and qualified to provide more than 1,000 hours of operating life. The series is offered in three temperature grades: A (-55 to +150°C), B (-55 to +180°C) and C (-55 to +200°C).