Define Instruments introduces Zen IoT cloud gateway |

Define Instruments introduces Zen IoT cloud gateway

November 162016
Define Instruments introduces Zen IoT cloud gateway

November 16, 2016 -  Define Instruments unveiled its IoT Gateway and Edge Processing Device: the Zen IoT, a gateway designed to enable discrete industrial hardware to be connected to the Cloud, allowing data collection and analysis for improved efficiency, productivity, scalability and lifespan.

As industry moves closer toward the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), companies require solutions that solve the lack of interoperability between older equipment and new technologies.

The Zen IoT provides device-to-cloud connectivity required to bridge this gap and allows companies to utilize existing equipment, rather than shouldering the cost of replacement.

As an Edge Processing Device, the Zen IoT is also able to perform calculations on the collected data before transmitting to the Cloud. A useful feature when only specific data requires transmission.

While most gateway devices only convert Modbus to wireless, the Zen IoT converts process signals direct to wireless with no other devices required.
The Zen IoT features a “universal” input that accepts various industrial signals: TC, RTD, mA, mV, V, and Pulse. The unit also supports a wide range of communication protocols including Modbus and MQTT. Its physical connections include Ethernet, WiFI, 3G/4G cellular modems, RS485 and Bluetooth.

Security is a major barrier for companies wanting to embrace the IIoT and to address this the Zen IoT has its own WiFi port and connects with an extra layer of security: Transport Layer Security (TLS).