Define Instruments introduces Zen RTU and Zen Datalogger controllers |

Define Instruments introduces Zen RTU and Zen Datalogger controllers

Define Instruments introduces Zen RTU and Zen Datalogger controllers

July 11, 2016 - Define Instruments, manufacturer of industrial instruments for measurement and control, announces the release of the first two products in it’s family of multi-channel control stations for data acquisition (DAQ).

The Zen RTU and the Zen Datalogger bring together decades of DAQ technical knowledge resulting in units capable of tackling a range of heavyweight industrial monitoring and control applications.

Each of the Zen units has a narrowed scope of application to make it easier for consulting-specifying engineers to identify the unit that best matches their application needs.

Zen series units have 16 channels and accept a universal set of analog inputs (thermocouple, RTD, mV, V, mA, frequency and counter). Units connect to commercial equipment such as HMIs via an RS485/232 connection or Ethernet connection.

The Zen RTU is ideal for applications which require collation of multiple signals routed directly to a master console such as for connecting directly to a PLC and SCADA system. It has four digital inputs and a RS485 Modbus/RTU port.

Additionally, it has an Ethernet port that can be selected as Modbus TCP, or EtherNet/IP (ODVA conformant). It is available in both isolated and non-isolated options, the non-isolated being a low-cost solution for RTD applications.

The Zen Datalogger is appropriate for applications that require acquisition and visualization of data from multiple sources. It has 2 analog outputs and 2 relay contact outputs for control and alarm applications.

Data is logged on a 1GB micro SD card for high capacity logging and simple data log retrieval. Data visualization and graphing is accessed through Define Instruments free WorkBench software.

About Define Instruments

Define Instruments manufactures electronic instruments for industrial process automation, measurement and control. With over 26 years of industry expertise, Define’s products are routinely used for applications in industries such as: Oil & Gas, Food Production, Pharma and Agriculture.