DeviceNet for Quantum/Unity

DeviceNet for Quantum/Unity
DeviceNet Scanner/Slave Module for the Schneider Electric Quantum/Unity Processors

Interface up to 63 DeviceNet slaves with one controller using the ProTalk DeviceNet communication module

ProSoft Technology’s expertise in protocol connectivity solutions for industrial applications now includes support for DeviceNet with its ProTalk DeviceNet Scanner/Slave Module (PTQ-DNET) for the Schneider Electric Quantum and Unity platforms. The PTQ-DNET module provides a powerful interface between DeviceNet scanners or slave devices (such as sensors and actuators) and the processor over the backplane. DeviceNet—known for its robustness and interoperability—is conducive for and widely used in Oil and Gas applications because of its ability to link controllers with the many devices used in pipelines and refineries, including pressure switches and gauges, manifolds, analyzers, flow sensors, actuators, and control valves.

The DeviceNet network is based on the producer-consumer network model allowing for real-time control data exchange, configuration capabilities exclusive from control performance, and data collection at regular intervals or based on demand.

Features and Benefits
  • Connect up to 63 slave devices.
  • Embedded EDS - allows direct EDS retrieval from the module.
  • Synchronous data transfer of 973 input words and 990 output words, plus status and control data.
  • Supports Auto Device Replacement (ADR); consists of Node Recovery and Configuration Recovery.
  • Electronic Keying: allows the scanner to match device by device type, vendor, product code and major revision for I/O exchange.
  • Provides the processor with module status and access to scanner network diagnostic tables such as node idle, status, and fault data.
  • Acts as an I/O data server for explicit peer-to-peer messaging.
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop configuration view via DeviceNet Configuration Software with RS-232 DeviceNet adapter.
  • Auto Scan - enables the scanner to automatically generate a scan list of devices on the network.
  • Supports CIP Explicit Messaging via PLC ladder logic.

    Certifications and Conformance
    DeviceNet is based on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) and shares all the common aspects of CIP with adaptations to fit the message frame size of DeviceNet. The PTQ-DNET module:
  • Supports complete specifications according to CAN bus and ISO 11898 standards and the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) for the upper layers of their network protocol.
  • Has been tested and certified according to ODVA guidelines to guarantee proper interoperability on a DeviceNet network.