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DFI introduces SE967 COM Express module

December 162014
DFI introduces SE967 COM Express module

December 16, 2014 - DFI introduces SE967 Type 6 COM Express Compact module powered by AMD Embedded G-Series SoC platform that features power efficiency, high performance, and enhanced multimedia capabilities is well-suited for intelligent systems that display videos, graphics and interactive content.

This graphics-rich SE967 module using the advanced discrete-level GPU integrated in the processor lays stress on high-end enhanced media and graphics capabilities. The SE967 is designed with 1 VGA and 2 DDI (HDMI/DVI/DP) interfaces and supports 2 simultaneous displays. In addition, this new compact module supports hardware acceleration for DirectX 11.1, H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVC, VC-1 and WMV. All these contribute to delivering excellent graphics capability.

The AMD G-Series SOC is a small-footprint and low-power solution that reduces overall system costs. SE967 comes in dual/quad core and the power saving features lower TDP at 6W~25W only. The outstanding Type 6 Compact takes full advantage of its processor which is packed with flexibility expansion interfaces, including 1 PCIe x4, 4 PCIe x1, 1 LAN, 8 USB, 2 SATA, 1 LPC, 1 I2C, 1 SMBus, 2 serial, and 8-bit Digital I/O for device controls. There is also an optional Secure Digital (SD) interface that offers the persistent function of data storage.

About DFI
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