Digital signal to RS485 Converter |

Digital signal to RS485 Converter

November 102014
Digital signal to RS485 Converter


>> Eight channels isolated digital signal input,isolated RS-485/232 output
>> Each input channel isolation
>> Input/output:3000VDC isolation
>> Over voltage protection,reverse polarity protection
>> Can read level status of each channel via the RS-485/232 interface
>> 3000VDC isolation between input and output
>> Wide power supply range: 8 ~ 32VDC
>> High reliability, easy programming, easy application
>> DIN35 Rail-mounted
>> Can programme setting module address,baud rate
>> Support Modbus RTU communication protocol
>> Dimensions: 120 mm x 70 mm x 43mm
>> level signal measurement, monitoring and control
>> RS-485 remote I / O, data acquisition
>> Intelligent building control, security engineering applications
>> RS-232/485 bus in industrial automation control system
>> Industrial signal isolation and long-term transmission
>> Equipment operation monitoring
>> Sensor signal measurement
>> Industrial data acquisition and recording
>> Medical, industrial product development
>> Switching signal acquisition
Digital signal input types:
1.Dry contact input 
2.Wet contact input
3.Open collector input
4.TTL / CMOS level, 24V level input
Product List:
Type No.: WJ62-485 (input:8-ch digital signal,output:485 interface)
Type No.: WJ62-232 (input:8-ch digital signal,output:232 interface)

Switch signal input wiring diagram: