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Distech Introduces ECLYPSE communications controller

January 152015
Distech Introduces ECLYPSE communications controller

January 15, 2015 - Distech Controls announced ECLYPSE Connected System Controller, a modular and scalable platform providing BACnet/IP, wired and wireless IP connectivity, permitting integration with building management systems and convergence with IT networks. It consists of a control automation and connectivity serv­er, power supplies, and I/O modules, allowing users to select the type and number of modules to meet their exacting requirements, and easily add-on for future upgrades.

ECLYPSE Connected System Controller minimizes the traditional installation and ownership costs of a building management system. This convergence eliminates the requirement for managing multiple networks, and greatly reduces the need for cabling and other materials, as well as the associated costs of installing, maintaining and upgrading them.

ECLYPSE Connected System Controller can either be paired with ENVYSION software for a completely autonomous solution, or used as part of an integrated building management solution, with EC-NetAX. The latter allows for multi-system integration and larger or multi-location applications, expanding the capabilities of existing EC-NetAX building management systems with ECLYPSE connectivity options.