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Distence releases Condence device cloud platform

Distence releases Condence device cloud platform

April 28, 2017 - Distence has released the Condence device cloud platform targeted for industrial machine and equipment manufacturers. This platform can be utilized jointly with Distence’s Smart Terminal units by OEMs and service providers to develop smart services.

Distence’s 15 years of experience in digitizing and connecting industrial assets into companies’ business processes has enabled the development and creation of targeted platform for industrial asset OEMs and maintenance service providers to leverage in their businesses. The Condence platform can be utilized in remote monitoring and control applications and it enables condition monitoring information to be coupled with relevant information on asset use, location, energy consumption and performance.

Condence, together with Smart Terminals, is designed to make the digitalization and connection to industrial assets straight forward. The configuration of the platform and data manipulation abilities make the platform adaptable to multitude of applications.