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Dolphin Fuel Logging & Monitoring

January 212016
Dolphin Fuel Logging & Monitoring

Dolphin Performance Monitoring System (PMoS) is based on high accuracy measurements of key factors such as Fuel Consumption measured by mass flow meters, shaft power by Torque meter and generator output by power meters.
The data is collected, displayed, stored and distributed automatically by the system, and can be used for monitoring of the performance of the vessel as is and over time. Basic Key Performance Indicator (KPI) values such as the Specific Fuel Oil Consumption and Kg/Nm can be monitored, and combined with the experience. The crew can gain from these data, new cost effective optimization projects can be implemented.

DOLPHIN is a ship board data collector with an open collector interface to collect relevant data from various data sources (e.g. Navigation Equipment, Flow Meters, Alarm and Monitoring Systems, Tank Level Gauging Systems).
The data is transferred via existing communication infrastructure to a shore based secure Cloud server.
The ship owner and other third party authorized users can access, view and analyze the data via web.