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DR5000 Circular Chart Recorder

February 292016
DR5000 Circular Chart Recorder


Traditional Ink Circular Chart Recorder Chart Types:

Partlow & Honeywell 10" charts

The DR5000 may be specified to accept either Partlow or Honeywell recorder charts allowing a form, fit and function replacement for Partlow MRC5000 and Honeywell DR4200 & DR4300 recorder only models (no PID control). The DR5000 accepting legacy charts allows both end users and OEMs flexibility to use the most cost effective circular chart recorder hardware without affecting their current procedures, part numbers and vendors for recorder charts.

Partlow charts run counterclockwise (CCW) while Honeywell charts are Clockwise (CW). The DR5000 ordering matrix allows selection of CCW or CW for chart rotation.


Thermal "Print your own Chart" Recorder


How does a Thermal Recorder work?

A single stylus print head burns a heat sensitive chart similar to fax paper producing up to two analog traces, time lines, engineering units and time and date.