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e-con introduces See3CAM_CU51 camera with changeable lenses

November 112014
e-con introduces See3CAM_CU51 camera with changeable lenses

November 11, 2014 - e-con Systems Iintroduces See3CAM_CU51, with an MT9P031 Monochrome CMOS Image sensor from Aptina and an S-mount (M12) lens mount that enables customers to choose a lens of their choice. The See3CAM_CU51 supports video streaming at resolutions of up to [email protected] and full resolution (2592x1944) @14fps with 12bits per pixel resolution. In addition, the See3CAM_CU51 also has a fast video capture capability of VGA @ 120fps. The UVC compliant camera is plug-and-play in both Windows and Linux. In Windows, the camera is exposed as a DirectShow device and in Linux, as a V4L2 capture source.  

The See3CAM_CU51 is ideal for customer applications where monochrome images are required along with the flexibility for choosing a lens of their choice is required. See3CAM_CU51 can be used in Scanning applications, Medical Equipment, Measurement devices, Quality Inspection, Industrial Automation and Pattern recognition.

The See3CAM_CU51  is a 5.0 MP UVC-compliant USB 3.0 Super Speed Monochrome camera with the S-mount (M12 board) lens holder. It is  based on the 1/2.5” MT9P031 Monochrome CMOS image sensor from Aptina, The See3CAM_CU51  can stream monochrome video at HD @60fps (720p60) and Full-HD @30fps (1080p30) in uncompressed Y16 mode, through the USB 3.0 interface which supports about 5Gbps bandwidth. The Y16 format has 12bits of valid greyscale information per pixel packed in a 16bits per pixel format. This 12-bit resolution per pixel makes it suitable for applications where high resolution is very important. See3CAM_CU51  can stream the full 5MP resolution uncompressed Y16 video streaming at around 15fps for high resolution imaging applications. See3CAM_CU51  is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 High Speed host ports.

The See3CAM_CU51 supports normal Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS) operation on the preview video and can switch to Global Reset Release (GRR) mode for the 5MP still image capture. In the GRR mode, all the pixels of the image sensor are reset simultaneously and exposed at the same until the pixels are read out sequentially. GRR mode reduces the image distortion while capturing moving objects, compared with the regular Electronic Rolling Shutter mode. This mode is a good fit for applications where, a quasi-global shutter mode is required in a cost-effective fashion. And the GRR still image capture can be triggered with an external Trigger signal.

The preview to 5MP still image capture time is very fast and almost Zero-Shutter lag. This is beneficial for applications where high-speed snapshots at full 5MP resolutions are to be captured instantly while previewing the low resolution, high-frame rate preview.

e-con Systems’ sample Linux and Windows applications uses the standard UVC protocol to access the camera controls. The e-CAMView, sample Windows DirectShow based sample video viewer application enables controls such as supports Gain and Exposure control. The Exposure time is adjusted from 1millisecond to 15seconds in bulb exposure mode.

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