Eaton updates Power Xpert Energy Monitoring Platform |

Eaton updates Power Xpert Energy Monitoring Platform

Eaton updates Power Xpert Energy Monitoring Platform

July 6, 2015 - Eaton updated Power Xpert gateway (PXG) 900, an electrical system communications device designed to deliver easy, remote access to power system parameters and alarms through a Web browser. It allows for access to real-time and historical energy and power data from electrical equipment. Facility and energy management personnel can use this in-depth data to simplify decisions targeting enhanced electrical reliability, efficiency and safety. 

The flexible and expandable PXG 900 can be used in a small system consisting of a single piece of equipment or scaled up for multiple pieces of equipment or systems. The gateway may be installed in electrical assemblies or systems to acquire and consolidate data from components such as trip units, meters, relays, drives, and input/output (I/O) devices. The gateway can also be quickly deployed as a data aggregation and notification solution for switchgear, switchboards, panelboards, transfer switches and motor control centers. 

Clear, concise Web pages are designed to offer instant and remote access to device status, energy and power information such as current, voltage, power, energy, frequency, power factor, and harmonic distortion through a system summary status pane or individual device detail pages. The online management portal also allows users to proactively set alarm notifications that warn of underperforming equipment and conditions threatening uptime.
For in-depth data analysis, users can easily generate and export activity logs based on alarm history or historical device data in table, graph or chart format. Additionally, users can easily create, view and update a one-line electrical representation of their electrical system with animations and color-coding that indicates device status. 

Further, the PXG 900 can be paired with Eaton’s Power Xpert Insight software to view multiple gateways alongside other power systems equipment while enabling more extensive power and energy monitoring and notification features. The gateway can also be seamlessly integrated with a wide variety of building management and monitoring systems for unified facility monitoring and management. 
To help minimize selection, installation and configuration time and labor, the model is engineered with intuitive configuration menus and standardized device support. Eaton’s PXG 900 also integrates with existing Ethernet network infrastructure and supports common industrial protocols including INCOM and Modbus RTU.


“The new PXG 900 is equipped with a more powerful, yet simplified, user interface to provide efficient, information-rich oversight of energy and power systems,” said Rick Schear, product manager at Eaton. “The new model is a single solution capable of fulfilling most electrical communications needs that can be quickly deployed in facilities of all sizes to help improve electrical system performance.”

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