ECD announces Copper Analyzer to Monitor Electronic Wastewater |

ECD announces Copper Analyzer to Monitor Electronic Wastewater

ECD announces Copper Analyzer to Monitor Electronic Wastewater

June 25, 2014 - Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) announces Copper Analyzer to monitor wastewater from printed circuit board manufacturing, electronic components production and electronics plating operations . The analyzer has a T80 Universal Transmitter and S80 Intelligent pION Sensor. Together, they provide highly accurate and reliable measurement of Copper for electronics industry manufacturing plant wastewater treatment.

Copper contamination of water sources from electronics manufacturing washing and rinsing operations is a serious concern. While copper is naturally in the soil, it poses major health risks when it enters the drinking water supply and is regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The amount of copper that can be discharged by electronics manufacturers into public wastewater treatment systems is strictly regulated and must be monitored to ensure any effluent leaving the plant is safe.    

CD’s S80 pION Sensor for Copper combined with the T80 Transmitter is well suited for monitoring industrial wastewater treatment operations. ECD’s S80 pION Sensor for Copper uses a cupric ion electrode cartridge that measures the activity of “free” Copper ions in solution in concentrations from 1.0 ppb to 6,300 ppm.

The S80 pION sensor operates over a wide temperature range of 0 to 80º C. The S80 Immersion or Insertion Sensor is designed with a 0.75-inch MNPT compression fitting as the process connection and allows a variable insertion length to accommodate installation in pipe tees, flow cells or through tank walls. The S80 Retractable Sensor is designed with a 1-inch MNPT ball valve, a 1-x-0.75 inch reducer and a 0.75 inch MNPT compression fitting to provide the process connection.

In addition to Copper measurement, ECD’s replaceable electrode cartridges for the S80 pION Sensor can also be selected to measure parameters including other specific ions, pH, ORP and dissolved oxygen. These cartridges provide specific industrial process measurement solutions, and they are constructed in a variety of configurations and materials to support diverse industries.