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Eisele announces hygenic ball valves for FREELINE connectors

October 112016
Eisele announces hygenic ball valves for FREELINE connectors

October 10, 2016 - Eisele announced hygienic ball valves of stainless steel. The ball valves were originally developed for use in painting stations and are therefore completely free of dead zones, easy to clean and therefore also ideal for hygiene applications in the food processing industry. The ball itself is permanently enclosed and sealed by two PTFE half-liners; the inside of the ball valve and the ball seats are completely free of dead zones and micro-machined to minimal roughness.

The stainless steel ball valves have 1/4-inch threads on both ends. This provides a dead zone-free interface to Eisele FREELINE connectors or enables direct mounting in installations and lines.

All FREELINE parts with media contact are produced in stainless steel 1.4404. The FREELINE comprises the dead zone-free tube connectors of the Eisele series 1600 and the convenient joint-free connectors of the 3800 series. They are ideal for connecting tubes of PTFE, PA and FEP as well as for dead zone-free connection of stainless steel pipes. The combination of ball valve and FREELINE connectors can be used for compressed air, vacuum, gases and liquid media in hygiene-sensitive applications or sterile environments.

The design makes it impossible for product residue to accumulate. FREELINE connectors feature advanced holding technology that ensures a reliable seal up to 25 bar and 80 °C.

Eisele offers its hygienic design stainless steel ball valves for its American sales partner Hosco Fittings LLC exclusively in Europe. In return Hosco markets the dead zone-free FREELINE connectors of the Waiblingen-based company in the USA. The ball valves will be available for delivery in Germany starting 1 July 2016.

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