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Electromate introduces MGR5 micro gripper

Electromate introduces MGR5 micro gripper

May 22, 2017 - A micro gripper, the MGR5 was designed for small, fragile part assembly.  The MGR brings operation force 10 gram or less capability into range.  Light moving mass reduces impact force during small product placement.

MGR5 Specs:

  • Light force capability 10g or less
  • Soft-Land capability for pick and place of delicate and fragile parts
  • Each jaw can be independently controlled in force, position and velocity
  • 5 micron linear encoder standard, 1 micron optional

SMAC electric grippers incorporate programmable speeds, positions and forces with data feedback.  The ability to independently control each jaw allows precise force control, measurement and positioning.  This makes them suitable for a range of positioning, measuring, and inspection applications.