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Emerson adds Modbus to Rosemount 8700M magnetic flowmeter

Emerson adds Modbus to Rosemount 8700M magnetic flowmeter

July 14, 2015 - Emerson Process Management added Modbus RS485 and a low power offering to their Rosemount 8700M magnetic flowmeter platform.

With the Modbus output, access to advanced diagnostics, including SMART Meter Verification and electrode coating detection, provides users with information about the flowmeter, installation, and process. This enables more informed decision making, easier identification of process issues, and simplified flowmeter verification.

The scalable power supply options now enable access to the reliability of a magnetic flowmeter coupled with the large amount of data available through the Modbus protocol to provide a solution ideally suited for remote locations where power is limited. The combination of the low power capabilities coupled with the Modbus output create an ideal solution for applications such as well pad water measurement, where oil and gas production companies are looking to control operating expenditures by reducing maintenance costs associated with more traditional measurement technologies.

In addition to the enhanced reliability and advanced diagnostics, the platform also leverages human-centered design concepts for easier installation than ever before. With a fully functional through-the-glass local operator interface (LOI), all diagnostic information is literally at the tip of a finger in any environment. Enhanced terminal compartments offer more space and more robust connections on the sensor and transmitter making installation and field wiring easier than ever. Finally, the ProLink III PC-based configuration tool has been enhanced to provide a simple and intuitive way to configure the Rosemount Modbus magnetic flowmeter transmitters.

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