Emerson announces F-Series Coriolis flowmeter for corrosive environments

Emerson announces F-Series Coriolis flowmeter for corrosive environments
Micro Motion F-Series flowmeters in Hastelloy C-22 are ideal for corrosive fluids and elements.

BOULDER, COLORADO (March 13, 2007) - Emerson Process Management announces that it has expanded the range of Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters with the introduction of the F-Series in Hastelloy C-22 construction. This makes it suitable for use across many industries and applications where the process fluid is incompatible with stainless steel. Compact and drainable, the F-Series Hastelloy is ideal for providing accurate and reliable flow measurement in harsh operating environments.

The Micro Motion F-Series in Hastelloy is suitable for use with corrosive fluids, chlorines, chlorides and crude oil with corrosive elements. To assist customers with the selection of the correct Coriolis meter for compatibility with different fluids, Micro Motion offers a free, extensive Corrosion Guide, available for download at www.MicroMotion.com under the “Documentation” section.

Like all Micro Motion F-Series, the Hastelloy option delivers accuracy unmatched by other Coriolis meters in the compact class. Micro Motion F-Series meters provide ±0.10% mass flow accuracy, ±0.15% volume accuracy, ±0.50% gas flow accuracy, and ±0.001 g/cc density accuracy. The F-Series offers customers superior inherent sensitivity, with reduced measurement variation, in a drainable device.

The Micro Motion F-Series utilizes patented MVD signal processing, making it the only Coriolis meter to offer “flat” accuracy specification. Instead of specifications that vary in accuracy over the entire flow range of the device (based on a “zero stability” that requires knowledge of the process flow rate to determine accuracy at all flow rates), the “flat spec” is defined by a perfectly flat line across the typical flow range, with a “zero stability” that only affects the meter specification at the lowest flow rates.

Whereas the accuracy of all other Coriolis meters is dependent on the flow rate, only Micro Motion meters with MVD are flow rate independent, delivering stated accuracy at any rate in the typical flow range. Use of this rigorous specification methodology means that the Micro Motion F-Series meter, with advanced sensor design and patented Micro Motion MVD technology, is more accurate across its overall flow range than any Coriolis meter in the compact, drainable class.

The new F-Series with Hastelloy C-22 flowtube construction enables customers to apply the best performing compact drainable Coriolis to applications which would have not been possible previously. Micro Motion technology, expertise and application knowledge ensures that the process is up and running quickly and smoothly, improving plant efficiency and lowering operating costs.

Micro Motion F-Series Coriolis meters in Hastelloy are part of the broad range of intelligent, digital field devices from Emerson that power the PlantWeb digital plant architecture to improve plant efficiency by 2% and more through delivering asset optimization, process automation, and management execution. Further cost savings, increased plant availability, and enhanced safety and environmental compliance are achieved when the meters are integrated into the PlantWeb architecture.

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