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Emerson introduces AMS ARES asset health monitoring platform

October 282016

October 28, 2016 – Emerson introduced the AMS ARES Platform, designed to prioritize and deliver asset and device health data, enabling maintenance decisions that increase operational and asset availability. Anywhere and anytime, users can securely access and share key data, with asset health summaries available on traditional desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets—inside or outside the plant.

The introduction of the AMS ARES Platform represents an evolution toward a new, modern portfolio of AMS technologies and services, focused on providing digital intelligence and tools to help customers operate their plants and assets more effectively. Part of Emerson’s Plantweb digital ecosystem, the AMS ARES Platform gathers data from multiple sensing technologies, and provides a holistic view of the current health status of plant assets. 

Persona-based access to information ensures the right personnel have instant access to clear health overviews of assets that are relevant to their plant responsibility. The AMS Asset View dashboard and embedded tools for assigning prioritization based on criticality allow users to determine the urgency of an issue, facilitating faster workflows to increase plant performance.

The AMS Asset View software provides a dashboard and messaging application used to present asset health information on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Connecting into the AMS ARES Platform, AMS Asset View’s persona-based views ensure that reliability personnel know the health of their assets in relevant time and always see the alerts they need to see, and only the alerts they need to see, so they can focus on asset conditions critical to production.
AMS Asset View also provides the new mobile and connected worker an immediate view of what is happening in the plant from anywhere. Both the mobile and PC/laptop applications provide identical asset dashboards, creating a seamless transition from mobile device to computer.

The AMS ARES Platform marks a shift away from managing data and toward delivering actionable insight. More asset visibility doesn’t have to mean slogging through more data. The AMS ARES Platform delivers information based on responsibility so that each person sees only pertinent data.

Designed as a platform to evolve with process industry evolutions, the AMS ARES Platform takes advantage of the OPC UA open architecture. Giving users the potential for HMI and historian connectivity and access to business intelligence and reporting tools, the AMS ARES Platform can make asset health truly part of the business dashboard.

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