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Emerson introduces Rosemount 2056 Silica Analyzer

October 142015

October 14, 2015 - Emerson introduces Rosemount 2056 Silica Analyzer that provides continuous accurate measurements of silica in process streams with a range of 0.5 ppb to 5000 ppb.

The 2056 analyzer will give the user the confidence to trust the measurement and then take the appropriate course of action to maintain proper steam purity. Once installed, the analyzer can reliably measure silica in up to 6 streams in 12-15 minute user-selectable analysis cycles. If the operator has a need to make a measurement outside of the regular cycle, they may do so using the grab sample system. Onboard instructions for troubleshooting and routine maintenance provide step-by-step guidance. Advanced diagnostics and reminders for routine maintenance, such as replacements of reagents and tubing, make operating the analyzer simple.

“The 2056 has been designed to make the life of the operator easy,” said Shrey Prajapati, product manager. “An analyzer that is hard to maintain has the possibility of being neglected or improperly serviced. Such an analyzer will create additional work for the user which depreciates its value when it comes to steam purity monitoring. The 2056’s exceptional performance along with user friendly features ensures that silica measurements will be reliable and the analyzer will be easy to operate.”

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